ShareBuilder 401k® by Capital One®
Designed for Any Size Business

$100 off plan setup for a limited time.

  • Extra Savings – $100 off setup through 9/151
  • Low Cost Pricing – Plans up to 68% less than the industry average2
  • IRS Testing – Satisfy non-discrimination testing with a Safe Harbor


ShareBuilder 401k® by Capital One® is offering $100 off setup on all 401(k) plans for businesses with employees, now through September 15th. Whether you are just starting out or have a growing business, ShareBuilder 401k is created to simplify 401(k) plans so any size business and its employees can save more money for retirement.

The Safe Harbor is our most popular solution for businesses with employees because it lets owners and all employees contribute up to the max and automatically satisfies required IRS tests.

By purchasing a plan before September 25th, your business can meet the October 1st government deadline. If a Safe Harbor isn’t the right fit, we are still offering $100 off plan setup on any employee-based plan—but only for a limited time.

Save the Max

Save the max.
Matching isn’t required in other plan designs, yet owners and key employees may have restrictions on how much they can put in. Safe Harbor plans require an immediately vesting match and ensure owners and all employees can contribute the maximum to each plan.
Avoid Testing Hassles

Avoid testing hassles.
Safe Harbor plans automatically satisfy required IRS 401(k) plan tests. These tests ensure all employees can benefit equally from the plan and Safe Harbor helps that happen.
Get Big Tax Benefits

Get big tax benefits.
While a Safe Harbor requires a match, employer contributions are tax deductible for your business. If this is the first 401(k) for your business and you have 1–100 employees, you may qualify for up to $1,500 in tax credits in the first three years.3

Get the great saving, tax and employee retention benefits that a 401(k) can offer by starting a plan with ShareBuilder 401k today. Saving for retirement just got a whole lot easier. Give us a call at 1-800-943-6108 x1.